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The T-Shirt of Tomorrow


The average t-shirt travels 16,000 miles for production. Our new recycled t-shirt travels only 5 miles. 

To introduce this new item we teamed up with Los Angeles based manufacturer UpCycle, who developed the proprietary yarn we are using for our recycled t-shirt. 

The UpCycle goal is to limit textile waste, which is practiced daily at the factories. By gathering unused fabric from their facilities they can upcycle the scraps into new yarn. Ultimately lowering the carbon footprint. 

Our end product t-shirt is created using a proprietary yarn, which is derived from post-industrial cotton and plastic bottles. Through the use of recycled components vs. virgin textiles, we not only minimize our water, fuel and electricity footprint, we also eliminate thousands of pounds of new raw material waste.

To test our new product we have produced 500 t-shirts, which will be made available for free at Liberty Fairs in New York. Screenprints of archive designs will also be offered free of charge on site by New York based Pete's Print Shop. 

Dates: Jan. 21 - 23

Location: Pier 94

Sign Up: Liberty Fairs