• The Signet Ring
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The Signet Ring


Signet2Signet3Signet4If you look at photos from decades past, you’ll often see a lot of distinguished men wearing a flashy ring that is not a wedding band. More times than not, this ring will be found on their pinky finger.

In Ancient Greece, believe it or not, the Signet Ring was one of the most valuable possessions a man could own.  Usually stored away for safe keeping, the ring would only come out when the owner needed it to mark the stamp of approval on a document or deed. When the owner of the ring died, the piece was usually destroyed in order to avoid anyone being able to forge the dead man’s “signature” 

Though the practical use of the Signet ring was abandoned years ago, men continued to wear the unique piece of jewelry to signify ancestral roots or as a simple family heirloom.  Generally the ring had a circular or squared top piece with a family crest, initials or other symbolic image.

Fortunately, if you were not lucky enough to receive a Signet ring from your father or grandfather, there are several companies who are making some awesome handmaid rings including our pals over at LHN Jewelry.  Located here in New York, LHN hand crafts men’s ring and has several signet styles to choose from.
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