• The Raglan Tee
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The Raglan Tee


 Raglan2Raglan3Raglan4To see a ¾ length shirt with contrasting sleeve and body colors, one immediately thinks of baseball. Though this style of shirt has become synonymous with America’s Favorite pastime, the “Raglan” sleeve originated overseas.

After tragically losing an arm in the Hundred Days campaign, FitzRoy James Henry Somerset was awarded a castle in the village of Raglan. Though now royalty, the new Baron had difficulties with daily tasks including, putting on a shirt.

Somerset requested his tailor to develop a shirt style that would be easy for the Baron to take on and off. With that, the tailor developed the “Raglan Sleeve”. The sleeve is attached to the body of a shirt as one whole, single piece that extends all the way to the neckline. The unique construction allows the anyone wearing the shirt more room in the arm area. 

Shortly after, the Baron’s tailor immigrated to the States and seeing an opportunity, began marketing his design to baseball teams. With the extra room in the arm, players would be able to wear longer sleeves but still have ample room to swing a bat or throw a baseball.

It didn’t take long for the Yankees of the late 1800’s to become equipped with the shirts. The trend spread like wildfire and anyone from Benny “the Jet” Rodriquez to A-Rod has been known to wear the stylish yet practical “Raglan Tee”.
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