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The Knit "Watch" Cap


Watch Cap 1Watch Cap 2Watch Cap 3During war times, specifically WWII, sailors often found themselves performing duties in the worst weather conditions imagined. Frigid temperatures at sea were common; in order to perform assigned duties, sailors were issued a hat, that would cover their heads.

Originally made of worsted wool, the cap was often worn when a sailor would stand “watch”. Similar to a standard beanie, the watch cap is knitted from wool or a wool blend and is rolled at the bottom whereas a beanie is not.   

Though extremely warm, the “watch caps” of WWII were rather itchy and uncomfortable, therefore manufacturers started replacing the worsted wool with a wool-knit blend. Since wartimes, the watch-cap has become a winter weather essential for men and women alike. In addition to navy and military green, today’s watch caps are manufactured all over the world in many different colors.

At Knickerbocker, the watch cap has become one of our product staples. Whether worn to keep your head warm or to simply throw on during a bad hair day, our “Type II” version offers a denser yarn than our original silhouette for a softer feel.  In addition, we have implemented a five-gauge knit for more protection against the elements. We are also extremely proud to say that ours are spun on the same industrial knitting machines as the that of the Army.

Though originally offered in standard black or navy, we have recently released a crème/white version for 2017 and the upcoming colder months.