• The Ducktail Hair Style
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The Ducktail Hair Style


Ducktail2Ducktail3Ducktail4Like anything else, men’s hairstyles go through trends. And again, like anything else, a lot of vintage styles are slowly making a comeback.  One of the most popular hair styles of the ‘50’s was known as the Ducktail. 

The ducktail was a men’s hairstyle in which the hair was combed to the back in the middle of the head.  Where the left side and the right side met in the back, guys would take the end of a rattail comb and make a center part.

In order to create and hold this style, lots and lots of hair product was required. Back in the 50’s, with the lack of pomades and blow dryers, guys used grease to mold their hair, hence the name “Greasers”. Additionally, the style required a lot of maintenance throughout the day, therefore many "Greasers" and men who wore the Ducktail haircut often carried a comb in their back pocket and would take it out to adjust their hair often throughout the day.

 With most males wearing the conservative flat top or crew cut hair styles, those that wore their hair longer and more specifically, in the Ducktail style were known as rebels.


As with the same as the Hawaiian shirt, it wasn’t until Elvis Presley began wearing the Ducktail style himself, that the look became generally accepted.

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