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Chucks2Chucks3Chucks4No matter the decade, there are some things that will never find themselves out of place in a man’s closet.  One of those things is the Converse All-Star. Whether black, white, red and high top or low top, the All Star continues to remain a wardrobe staple.
The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was founded in the early 1900s by Marquis Mills Converse. The foundation for what would become the Converse All Star was introduced in 1919. Initially titled, “The Non-Skid”, it was intended for athletic use, specifically basketball.
Several years later, a man named Chuck Taylor joined a basketball team that was sponsored by the Rubber Shoe Company and was called “The Converse All Stars”.  Though Taylor loved basketball, it did not provide the financial stability he needed, therefore he began selling the sneakers during the offseason.
As a seller and wearer of the shoe, Chuck was able to provide beneficial feedback on design and enhancements that helped with flexibility. Additionally, he recommended a patch incorporated to support the ankle.
As the years progressed, the All Star evolved from a basketball shoe to casual footwear. The sneaker continues to show up on men and women’s feet as well as in high and low-end style magazines. Surprisingly enough, the style that we continue to wear today is almost identical to the design that was released almost 100 years ago.
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