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Style vs. Fashion


Style2Style3Style4Most men of style stick to a uniform. Marlon Brando was known for a slim white tee. Ryan Gosling has become known for the short sleeve Henley. Our buddy Pokey LaFarge is rarely seen without a pair of cuffed up denim. David Beckham has practically reinvented the Chelsea Boot himself. You get the point.
Style and fashion are not the same thing. To us, we think of fashion as runway models and high-end designers. But style, on the other hand, is something different entirely.
Style doesn’t take spending hundreds of dollars on the latest Supreme release or wearing only Japanese Selvedge. Style isn’t bought, its discovered. How many times have you skimmed the pages of a GQ or Esquire to discover an outfit you really liked only to find that the undershirt alone was over a grand?
In reality, very few of us can afford what is between the covers of our favorite menswear publications but that doesn’t mean all is lost.
Let me let you in on a little secret… the key to having style is confidence.
In my opinion, the guy in a pair of thirty-dollar Levi’s, a tucked in Hanes tee and a vintage fedora, who owns the look confidently, has more style than an investment banker who only shops at Bloomingdales.
Besides having the confidence, you need to remember to wear the clothes and don’t let them wear you. Make them your own. Cut holes in the knees of your thirty-dollar jeans. Roll up the sleeves of your Hanes tee. Scuff up your expensive boots. 
Find an outfit you like and wear the hell out of it; but whatever you’re wearing, wear it with confidence.  Because that my friends, is having style.
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