• Saying Goodbye to Cone Mills
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Saying Goodbye to Cone Mills


Cone Mills 1Cone Mills 2Cone Mills 3At Knickerbocker, we pride ourselves on the fact that we design and manufacture all of our products right here in Queens. So clearly, we have a special place in our hearts for American-made goods.

Denim has been an American staple since the turn of the century.  No matter what style trends developed and changed, the denim blue jean made its way through decade after decade.

In recent years, many companies have sought their materials overseas to save money and the demand for high quality shuttle loom fabric has faded. American denim mills slowly began to close their doors and last week, Cone Mills announced that it will be shutting the doors on its White Oak plant, the last selvedge denim mill in the states.

Since its opening in 1905 – the White Oak Plant has been not only a staple to the people of North Carolina, but almost anyone who has owned a pair of blue jeans. From Levi to Tellason many brands have utilized Cone Mills as their denim supplier.

The good news is that Japan produces excellent selvedge denim and most companies will continue producing the quality denim that many of us have come to love. The bad news is, Japanese selvedge can cost up to 30% more than the Cone Mills denim which will obviously result in more expensive jeans.
So pour some out this weekend and eat a slice of apple pie to commemorate a little piece of Americana. Oh, and we would recommend adding a new pair of jeans to your Christmas list this year, just make sure you scoop them up before the doors close for good on New Years Eve.
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