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Retailer Spotlight: Raggedy Threads


Raggedy2Raggedy3Raggedy4Here at Knickerbocker, we have the privilege of partnering with some of the best retailers in the country, something we don’t take lightly. Though we want to make the act of shopping with us as convenient as possible, we strive to be selective in those shops that carry our goods. We aim to work with shops that have a similar vision as Knickerbocker. Those that believe in hard work, hustle and good old American made goods that will last as long as you do.

Specializing in American Made goods from the 1900s, Jamie Wong initially opened Raggedy Threads in downtown L.A., but after more than a decade of success, Jamie opened another location here in Brooklyn and it has become one of our favorite stops. Everything about the place screams authentic. Not only does Raggedy Threads offer clothing from every decade since 1900, vintage flags, signs and even WWII memorabilia makes the Brooklyn shop worth visiting. Jamie and co, try to repurpose everything associated with the store, even the storage door is made from 100-year-old wood that was part of a barn being torn down.

Jamie and the brand resonate with us in the fact that they find passion in the work and would much rather see a customer’s genuine reaction upon finding something they are excited about as opposed to simple financial gain from sales.

As fans of the shop, we were extremely excited when we had the opportunity to create a mailbag in collaboration with Raggedy Threads. Using our original 3 button design, we produced a batch of totes utilizing the Raggedy Threads boxing logo in a soft blue.

Check em out here and if you’re in Brooklyn or LA, make sure to give Jamie and her staff a visit.
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