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Retailer Spotlight: Manready Mercantile


Manready 1Manready 2Manready 3Here at Knickerbocker, we have the privilege of partnering with some of the best retailers in the country, something we don’t take lightly. Though we want to make the act of shopping with us as convenient as possible, we strive to be selective in those shops that carry our goods. We aim to work with shops that have a similar vision as Knickerbocker. Those that believe in hard work, hustle and good old American made goods that will last as long as you do.

Manready Mercantile has been a friend and carrier of Knickerbocker for a long time now. Based out of Houston, Tx, Manready was started in the kitchen of Travis Weaver when he began making candles and selling them door to door. Eventually Travis made the jump and opened up a brick and mortar, specializing in soaps, candles and lotions that previously weren’t marketed towards men.

Manready’s popularity grew and the shop began selling goods from brands that shared the same “Work Hard, Live Well” mentality Manready has focused on since day one. Aside from Knickerbocker, you can find well-known brands such as Bradley Mountain, Dr. Collector’s, Mollusk, and Richer Poorer at the shop. In addition to a variety of amazing brands, Manready sells its own assortment of shirts, leather goods and whiskey glasses.

In addition to their many offerings, Manready often holds DIY candle or leather making classes that anyone can sign up for.

With a large social following and an even larger American flag store backdrop, Manready’s popularity only continues to grow. Recently Manready opened a second location within the Houston airport.

Recently, Manready Mercantile contributed hundreds of items to the Hurricane Harvey relief which has helped many.

Not only does Manready carry a variety of Knickerbocker products but has worked as a collaborator of ours for our previously released Indigo Chore Coat, last season’s collegiate crewneck sweatshirt and hopefully additional projects in the future.

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