• Q&A: Raymond Molinar Sits Down with Knickerbocker Social Club
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Q&A: Raymond Molinar Sits Down with Knickerbocker Social Club


Molinar 1Molinar 2Molinar 3Photographer, skateboarder, father, and friend, Raymond Molinar, recently shared with us several beautiful photographs he captured around Los Angeles, CA. After a quick glance it's apparent that he is one talented individual with a clear and unique vision. He was kind enough to sit down with Knickerbocker Social Club to tell us more about his work and love for photography. 

First off it’d be cool to get a little background story, where are you from etc… Keep it brief.

Raymond Molinar, from Southern California, living in Los Angeles over the last ten years. I started skating at a young age and picked up photography late in life, after traveling the world because of skateboarding and wanting to document my experiences.

How has skateboard culture influenced your work?

Skateboarding has given me perspective on my outlook in life. Being on a skateboard, immersed in different cities and surroundings drove me to want to document it all in a unique way.

Would you consider photography more of a personal hobby or a career path?

A little bit of both. I have a 35mm camera on me 24/7, but always looking to collaborate on projects with friends or brands that I love.

In your opinion, what makes a good photograph?

A good photograph is something that inspires and moves you. There are so many factors that make an inspiring photograph. The composition, depth of field, shadows, the story.. Etc. It’s endless. One of my favorite quotes that comes to mind when I photograph often is, “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” I find that to be very true.

I’ve heard you really enjoy shooting polaroids; What is your favorite part about that medium?  

The instant gratification, the colors, a one off print, the shoe boxes filled with polaroids. I also love using expired polaroid film, that sometimes adds character with undeveloped parts from dried up chemicals or amazing light leaks. There’s nothing like it.. Thank you to Dr. Land.

Has fatherhood changed your perspective on the subjects you choose to photograph?

It hasn’t, I still shoot the same things that I’ve always photographed. If anything fatherhood has taught me to be more patient and aware.

Is there anything or anyone in particular that motivates you to push yourself?

My son Townes Marshall and girlfriend Lauren really push me to be the best version of myself. Photography books, friends, and family. 

All images in black & white were shot with a Wista 4 x 5 large Format Camera and color images were shot with a Yashica C & Leica M6.