• The Souvenir Mail Bag
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The Souvenir Mail Bag


Souvenir Mail Bag 1

Souvenir Mail Bag 2

Souvenir Mail Bag 3

Souvenir Mail Bag 4Throughout the history of the U.S. Postal Service, there have been a number of different designs for the mail bag. In years past, mail “pouches” were made of a stronger material and had a lock affixed to the top of the bag to prevent unauthorized access. Pouches were often used to carry first and second-class mail as well as military correspondence. 

Other less secure pouches were used for lower security mail and/or day to day delivery by a local postman including satchels and sacks.

The open-ended satchel was the most commonly used bag for delivery after the advent of Parcel Post in 1913 to allow for easy access and bag transparency.

Oddly enough, people were finding that it was cheaper to mail children as opposed to paying train fare for them. By affixing postage onto a clothing garment of the child, people believe they were doing nothing wrong as children were often below the 50 lb. weight limit of postage.
A satirical picture that showed a mailman holding a bag with a child in it announcing the prohibition of mailing children became widely popular.  People loved the bag in the picture so much that it eventually inspired the J. Peterman Company “counterfeit mail bag” which became the “messenger bag” design that is so familiar today.
In addition to our signature white canvas mailbag with Knickerbocker branding, we have recently released 4 additional basic versions in navyblack, cream and tan
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