• Friends of Style: Pokey LaFarge
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Friends of Style: Pokey LaFarge


Pokey2Pokey3Pokey4In our day job, we get to know a lot of awesome people... many of whom know their way around a closet. One of those individuals is singer/songwriter, Pokey LaFarge.

Based in St. Louis, Pokey mixes Americans, Folk, Country and Blues for a unique sound that will make you get up and move your feet every time.  Receiving his first guitar from a grandfather who was a member of the St. Louis Banjo Club, Pokey immediately fell in love with older Blues music from musicians like Muddy Waters and Skip James. 

Shortly after graduating high school, Pokey hitchhiked to the West Coast and began busking full time...and like they say, the rest is history.

Some of our favorite tracks from Pokey include "La La Blues", "Central Time" and "Riot in the Streets". In addition to these, Pokey's most recent album was released late last year; be sure to give it a listen a little further down below. 

With an old time feel, Pokey and his band have revived the riverboat and ragtime cultures with not only their music, but by the way they dress. Often clad in a chore coat and heavy cuffed denim, Pokey wears his share of Knickerbocker as well as England-based company Dawson Denim.

Last year, we collaborated with Pokey who helped design a round of the Cutting Room that was a huge hit with you guys. if mid-century is your thing in music or style, be sure to check out our ol' pal Pokey. Hopefully another joint project is in the works sooner than later. 
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